Visualizing Flight Options

Interactive visualization for exploring flight options for a set of origin and destination airports. Built as a "bookmarklet" which visualizes the results of an ITA Flight Matrix search.

NYC Place-of-Birth Map

Created for an art exhibition in Cleveland. This visualization was made by drawing New York City with 60,000 flags, each picked proportionately from the birthplaces of the foreign-born inhabitants of that census tract.

Toronto Transit Distance

Interactive visualization of point-to-point transit times on Toronto's TTC transit network. Winner of the Kontagent Big Data Challenge

Groupon Deal Blocks

Interactive visualization of Groupon deals collected from the web and believed to comprise the entire gross revenue from North American sales up to the date of the visualization. Featured in the Harvard Business Review

Visualizing Facebook Friends

Visualization of 10 million Facebook friend pairs. Featured by The Economist, BBC, and Time